" Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools" by John J. Murphy

Book Title: " Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools"

Publisher: Amer Counseling Assn

ISBN: 1556203241

Author: John J. Murphy

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John J. Murphy with " Solution-Focused Counseling in Schools"

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"The third edition of this widely adopted text covers both the philosophical foundations and nuts-and-bolts essentials of using solution-focused counseling to help preschool 12 students resolve problems. Dr. Murphy s
empowering techniques help students focus on doing what works assimply and efficiently as possible by using their strengths, resources,
wisdom, and feedback. This edition includes new chapters and information on the restrictive influence of problems on people s thinking,
strategies for positive relationship building, collecting client feedback to monitor and improve counseling services, and coconstructing Solvable problems and reachable goals.

Practical and proven strategies for resolving a wide range of
problems from preschool through high school
Real-life case examples and sample dialog from counseling sessions
New and expanded appendixes to enhance classroom and clinical
Troubleshooting tips
Discussion and practice exercises in each chapter
A complimentary test manual and PowerPoint slides for
instructors use"